“A Festival of Stories”

Nov 21-Dec 21, 2011, Monday to Friday, at 5pm
For children 5 years to 9 years old.

Stories about people, places, animals and things.

Read stories : Listen to stories : Tell stories
Create stories : Write stories : Enact stories
Meet characters from stories : Make puppets for stories
Watch stories : Illustrate stories : Complete stories
Set right jumbled up stories
Enjoy stories : Have fun with stories : Learn from stories : Party with stories

So many things we can do with stories! And we are doing it for a whole month!

We can do these by ourselves or we can do them in pairs. In small groups as well as in large groups. We can do it just for an hour or we could spend longer.

Come and join us for just a day, a week, a fortnight or the whole month.
The month-long festival of stories starts on Nov 21.
Everyday, Monday to Friday, at 5pm, we will have one story.
And more at different times.

Call Kaleidoscope for further details and to register.
Prashanthi : 9949095665, Raju : 9949184605
email to [email protected], [email protected]