A note on the 12 step group process

The 12 step study groups are one of the most powerful and popular spiritual support groups worldwide. Most members have found the structure of 12 Steps very uplifting in their spiritual path and endeavours.

Most 12 step study groups are towards handling of an addiction such as Alcoholism, Smoking, Gambling, Narcotics etc, members also take up anger, resentment, judgement and other traits that they are unable to get over also as addictions. The same process can be applied to them as well.

12 step study groups have no political or organizational policies. There is no religious tie up and nor is there any affiliation to any person or group or teacher. There is no hierarchy, power or money that is collected or distributed. All are equal and each member takes turn to chair a meeting on choice or rotation basis.

The express purpose is only to work on obstacles one experiences on one’s spiritual path and to support his/her fellow human travelers on the same path.

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