What does you child normally do in  the few hours after he or she returns from school and you return from your work?

This is an ideal time for the child to relax, have a nice snack, go to that music class, play with friends, read a book or otherwise remain healthily occupied. And  stay away from the TV.

Kaleidoscope’s After School service fits just that need – and all under one roof! Kaleidoscope’s AfterSchool is a safe and enriching place for kids (5 years and above) to  come to, after school.

The AfterSchool FAQ

How does AfterSchool work?

AfterSchool at Kaleidoscope is only for children in class 1 and above. Children come to Kaleidoscope directly from school. They need to be dropped at the door either by the school bus or any other transport means you employ.

They wash and change clothes (which they carry with them). We encourage children to be independent in looking after themselves, and support them as necessary in their learning process. There are no aayas at Kaleidoscope.

Children are free to complete homework if they choose to. However, we don’t encourage the children to spend all their time on homework. They have a range of games and activities to engage in individually, or in groups, including playing games.

Can I use this service just once in a while?

Sure. You can choose to send your child only occasionally depending on your other schedules, or just on days you need that bit of support to look after the child. You can even use the service for a single day.

What is included in the service?

As part of the AfterSchool service, children can play board games, do puzzles, use our computer based learning resources, read books from the library, participate in any impromptu games the children come up with (and which can be played on Kaleidoscope premises!), and participate in the semi-structured and unstructured learning programs that we create for children regularly.

What is not included?

Structured learning programs, such as art or music class are a separate service. To borrow books to take home, you will need to become a member of the library. While the AfterSchool service is available from 9 am on Saturdays, no food is provided. You will need to make arrangements to send food.

What if…?

  • Your child is not coming on a particular day, do call and let us know beforehand.
  • Your child has an allergy or health problem? Keep us informed, we can factor that into the service.
  • The child has a learning disabilities or is hyper active? Please discuss with us. We may or may not be equipped to deal with special needs.

What do I pay?

  • Everyday Use. The admission fee is Rs 1500. This is a one-time payment and is not refundable. The minimum usage is 40 hours per month – Rs 1400, to be paid monthly. Unused hours from the basic block don’t get carried forward to the next month. Based on usage, you can top-up in blocks of 10 hours at Rs 350 per 10-hour block
  • Occasional Use: Buy blocks of 20 hours of usage for Rs 1000. Each block is valid for one month. There is no admission fee.
  • Just-a-day Use: You can also use this service for a minimum of two hours, between 11 am and 7 pm on weekdays and from 9 am to 6 pm on Saturdays. You pay Rs 75 per hour. There is no admission fee.

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