Kaleidoscope’s Library

Kaleidoscope’s Library is now at

1A, Plot no 39, Street 2, Telecom nagar, Gachibowli.
Take the left between Sampradaya sweets and Prasad Motors. Come to the last building on the left, just opposite the gate of Telecom nagar Park.
Phone: 040-32945665

Library Membership Plans

2 books plan –> Fee : Rs 1200/- + Refundable caution deposit : Rs 500/-

3 books plan –> Fee : Rs 1600/- + Refundable caution deposit : Rs 1000/-

4 books plan –> Fee : Rs 2000/- + Refundable caution deposit : Rs 1000/-

Valid for 6 months.

Kaleidoscope will now function from Gachibowli

Kaleidoscope will be operating from our associate center in Gachibowli from 5 April 2011.
We will have our Library, Learning programs and After-school center functioning from there.

We thank you for your support and motivation over the last 12 years.

We plan to bring you more programs and services in the coming years and look forward to your continued membership.

Summer Programs for 2011

*u n f o l d* : Kaleidoscope’s comprehensive growth program for kids, helping them to function confidently, independently and develops their Reading skills, Problem solving & Thinking skills, Kinesthetic skills and Social skills.

For : 5 – 10 year olds

From: April 5 to June 5, Pick 4 weeks. Start any Monday

Time: 9.30am – 12.30pm, Mon-Fri

Fee: Rs 4500/-

By: Kaleidoscope


Presentation to Performance – a children’s theatre workshop : Have fun expressing yourself through theatre exercises. Get confident with your voice, expressions and body.

For : 7 – 13 year olds

From: April 22 to April 30, all days.

Time: 10.30am – 1pm

Fee: Rs 3000

By: A S Devendranath


Basic Drawing and Painting :

For : 5 – 15 year olds

From: April 5 onwards

Time: 9.30am – 10.30am, Mon to Fri, 5 days.

Fee: Rs 400 for 1 week, Rs 700 for 2 weeks

By: S Lakshmi

Glass Painting and Pot Painting

For : 11 – 15 year olds

From: May 2 to May 6

Time: 10.30am – 12.30pm, Mon to Fri, 5 days.

Fee: Rs 2500, inclusive of material

By: S Lakshmi

Painting on Canvas

For : 11 – 15 year olds

From: May 2 to May 6

Time: 10.30am – 12.30pm, Mon to Fri, 5 days.

Fee: Rs 2000, inclusive of material

By: S Lakshmi


Creative Writing : Learn to write in a variety of genres such as essay, story, interview, report, poem, limerick…

For : 10 – 15 year olds, class 5 to 10

From: May 16 to May 20.

Time: 10.00am – 1pm

Fee: Rs 2300

By: Cheryl Rao


Chess : Learn the basics of chess, or if you are already familiar with the game, learn game strategy

For : 7 – 15 year olds

From: April 25 to May 21, 4 weeks.

Time: 3pm – 4pm

Fee: Rs 2000

By: Kaleidoscope


Word++ with scrabble & fun: Tunes children into professional Scrabble play, word origins, fun poetry and public speaking.

For : 8 – 15 year olds

From: April 18 to April 28, 2 weeks

and May 2 to May 12 (2nd batch)

Time: 3pm – 5pm

Fee: Rs 2500 for 2 weeks

By: Zygo Scrabble Clubs


Mind your Business : Experience a complete cycle of running a business. Get a team, set up a company, design and manufacture a product, sell it and maintain accounts…. Finally, find out – Are you profitable?

For : 11 – 17 year olds, class 6 – 11

Time: 9.30am – 1.30pm

Fee: Rs 2500

By: Omana

Two options

From: May 10 to May 14, 5 days, Tue-Sat

Venue: Kindle your Mind, Gachibowli

From: May 17 to May 21, 5 days, Tue-Sat

Venue: Kangaroo Kids, Banjara Hills


Power of your Mind : A unique empowering workshop for teenagers. Did you know that you normally use only 10% of your mind? What about the other 90%? Learn to tap into the phenomenal potential of your mind.

For : 13 – 19 year olds

From: April 30 to May 1, 2 days, Sat-Sun

Time: 9am – 6pm

Fee: Rs 5500

By: Omana

Venue : We’ll tell you when you register

Kindle your mind! offers programs in association with Kaleidoscope

Kindle your Mind! offers several learning programs in association with Kaleidoscope, including:

  • *unfold*, Kaleidoscope’s growth program for 5-10 year olds
  • ‘Presentation to Performance’ – Children’s Theatre Workshop
  • Drawing and Painting Classes
  • Music Classes and more…..

The Afterschool program is based on the same philosophy and approach as Kaleidoscope, as are most of the Learning programs.

All *EVOLVE* programs will also be offered from Kindle your mind! in the future

Programs for Summer 2010 too!

Register Now!

How to reach Kindle your mind!

1A, Plot no 39,Telecom nagar,

Gachibowli, Hyderabad – 500032

Turn left between HeroHonda and Sampradaya

+91 9949095665,  [email protected]

Upcoming programs for summer

Here’s a quick peek into the upcoming events and programs at Kaleidoscope. Mark your calendars!

We’ll mail out the details

  • *unfold* ( 5yrs – 10yrs)
  • *e x p a n d* (11yrs – 14yrs)
  • Power of Voice ( 7yrs – 11yrs) by Manasvini
  • English Grammar and Writing ( 8yrs -11yrs) by Sheel
  • Hindi vocabulary and pronunciation thru’ stories ( 8yrs -11yrs) by Sheel
  • Children’s Theatre (5 – 10 and 11 – 14yrs) by Devendranath
  • Science Experiments (9 yrs – 14yrs) by Yardstick
  • Power of your Mind ( 13yrs-19yrs) by Krish Srikanth
  • Beginners Chess and Advanced Chess by Raju and Govind Sharma.

We’re also lining up more programs in the coming weeks, so do check back.

For more details, please contact 040-40180825 or 9849747170

Seeing and making science work

Last weekend was a fun time at Kaleidoscope: We had the first of the science experiments workshop conducted by Yardstick , a group dedicated to creating experiential learning activities for science education.

The children made a balloon powered car, a water pump, a hovercraft and a flute. On the way, they befriended several principles of physics. “Awesome!”, “Such fun!” and “Wow, cool” were just some of the things we heard the kids say.

We have two more workshops to go, this weekend and the next.

Do join in for a hands-on, experiential encounter with science.

Planned for upcoming sessions: Weighing scale, periscope, solar cooker, magnetic levitation, electromagnet, test for nutrients and ink chromatography.

Details of workshops:

  • For classes 4-8
  • Weekend Workshops: Sat 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm and  Sun 10 am to 1 pm.
  • Workshops on Feb 6-7 and Feb 13-14
  • Each workshop has unique experiments – 4 experiments in each workshop, 12 experiments in all
  • Fee
    • All three workshops: Rs 1200
    • Two workshops: Rs 800
    • Single workshop: Rs 450

Happy New Year! And a brand new program

We trust your year is already off to a great start. Kaleidoscope wishes you success in what you desire, much happiness, and peace in 2010 (and every year after that!!)

We’re off to doing what we do, in the new year with


Kaleidoscope introduces a unique graded reading program integrated with kinesthetic skills, for children in class 1 to 3.

This 12 week program aims to build reading skills in a graded systematic way, moving the child from the level he or she is currently comfortable at, to a higher degree of reading competence.

But here’s the twist. The reading exercises are interspersed with hands-on kinesthetic activities aimed to develop eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills. So your child enjoys the double benefit of reading and kinesthetic activities in the same program.

Kinesthetic activities involve the child’s hands and body and are helpful to build whole body balance, eye-hand coordination (such as cutting, catching, folding etc), and develop fine motor skills (such as working comfortably with very small objects for example) , apart from developing an overall sense of well being.


  • For children in classes 1 to 3
  • 12 weeks beginning Jan 7, 2010
  • Classes on Tue, Wed, Thu, 1.5 hours each day
  • Time slots: 4 to 5.30pm and 4.30 to 6 pm
  • Fee Rs. 3000

For more details, please contact 040-40180825 or 9849747170

Gift a bit of Kaleidoscope this Diwali!

Time for Diwali gifts. What’s the hot idea?

The 43rd box of sweets? The 77th knick knack and bauble? the 15th nice-to-have gadget? Gift vouchers for more clothes, toys, food and entertainment?

Or ….

Gift your loved ones a Library membership at Kaleidoscope!

For just Rs 1500, you would be gifting

  • A whole year’s worth of reading from our 10,000 and more books of all genres
  • A range of 3500+ books for children
  • A single membership for the whole family to use

Not a book person? Gift 20 hours of Time @ Kaleidoscope.

For Rs 1000, your loved one could spend 20 hours of time at Kaleidoscope – using the books, games, and other learning resources at a time that’s convenient to them!

Too tied up to visit Kaleidoscope?
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