BUGS Book Review

In the last BUGS session, we decided to do book reviews, starting with Erich Fromm‘s classic Art of Loving.
Erich Fromm was among other things a social psychologist, psychoanalyst and humanistic philosopher. This book was written in 1956 but remains a popular read even today, for those trying to understand the nature of love, being unconditional but most importantly for those interested in the question – what does it take to create a loving relationship?
All participants are required to read the book before Saturday Aug 22. (Don’t panic, the book is a little less than 200 pages and is a fairly easy read!). The book review itself is over 4-5 days, each session focussing on different chapters of the book.
The tentative schedule:
  • Day 1: Is love an art?
  • Day 2: Love as an answer to the problem of human existence
  • Day 3: Objects of love (love between parent and child, brotherly love, motherly love, erotic love, love of self, love of god)
  • Day 4: Love and its disintegration in modern society
  • Day 5: The Practice of Love
The schedule is flexible depending on which parts the group wants to spend more time on.
If you can’t get around to acquiring a copy right now, you can download a PDF copy of the book from here (you’ll need to create a free Scribd account to get to it though…)
Email us or call us for more details