Kaleidoscope on TV

Sakshi TV’s Chinnari Lokam program features a different child-related issue each week. This week’s episode was on learning, and how it can be made engaging for children. Kaleidoscope features extensively on this episode.
Featured on the show:
  • An overview of Kaleidoscope’s philosophy and approach to learning
  • Some of our activities for the 5-10 year age group, with explanations of the learning benefits of the activity
  • Some activities for the 10-15 age group, emphasizing how children can learn by doing, thinking and sharing their experiences with others.
Or if you’d rather see it on TV, there’s a repeat telecast on Friday, Aug 14 at 5.30 pm.

Interknit 2009

Interknit concluded last week. We had much fun and much learning. Participants and their parents were happy with what they did and saw – and we’d like to share it with you! 

What parents had to say:

“It was a very good experience… Even I have personally learnt a lot of things from this camp” – Ambika Burman

“Amazing, Superb! The whole idea was fun, seeing the little ones producing and then trading a good bargain was unbeleiveable” – Geeta and Gaurav Khurana

“Thank you for a wonderful program which helped my child with overall development of soft skills…” – Radhika Peri

“The program was very well structured. Interest level was high throughout the program” – Sudha Srinivas

What the participants had to say:

The main thing I liked… it’s not like a school, where we always need to be disciplined. This is the best summer camp I’ve attended ever” – Niharika Krishnan

“I got so many friends…it rocked” Ashley Preity

“I liked interknit because they had made a schedule for each day – what to do and how to do and made us play games and activities” – Krishna Modi

Interknit in pictures

What happened at the Puppetry workshop!

The summer puppetry workshop is over. It was amazing to watch the youngsters not only make fairly complex puppets, but also manipulate them and tell stories with sound effects, music and near-professional comic timing!

Some pictures:


A note from Ratnamala Nori, the well-known puppet maker, artist and facilitator of this course:

” Puppet have been used from time immemorialas tools to educate, entertain and inform. They fascinate and involve children in a way that few other art forms can… A great deal can be accomplished through puppets. They lead to creative thinking and imagination. The main reason puppets work well with children is because they are so multi sensory. It doesnt matter if the child is very small or very tall, you can reach them with puppets!…”

Ratnamala Nori can be contacted to conduct performances or workshops. Email. Website.

*e x p a n d* Valedictory

*e x p a n d* completed its first batch last week. (For those who came in late – *e x p a n d* is part of *EVOLVE*, Kaleidoscope’s growth program for youngsters. It aims to equip children with the concepts, skills and belief systems to deal with the world around them  – and which the education system does not provide! Read more>>)

On Sunday March 29, we had a valedictory session, where the participants, all aged between 10 and 14, presented their experiences of six months, with a whole lot of charts, slide decks, demos and very vocal, enthusiastic explanations.

Doting parents and other friends of Kaleidoscope came in expecting the usual open-house and were plesantly suprised at the enthusiastic lot and their articulate presentations on topics ranging from communication and balance to emotional literacy, career choices and visual language. Which, by the way, are all sessions that they had had in the *e x p a n d* classes. The range of topics and the confidence and clarity demonstrated by the presenters stood out in this event. 

The audience response ranged from “I never knew my kid knew all that” to “I’m overwhelmed” to “Wish I’d had a course like this when I was a kid”. In fact, most of the topics covered under the *EVOLVE* program are applicable at all stages of life in one form or other – which makes it relevant to participants and audience, irrespective of their age.

We are very happy and proud of our first  *e x p a n d* batch. We know they have learned a great deal. The process has been mind-blowingly enriching for us as well. And we know we are on the right track with this program.