*e x p a n d*, Kaleidoscope’s growth program for teens, starts on 26 June 2014

*e x p a n d* supports learning as children move towards their teen years. The focus is on developing thinking and problem solving skills that are geared to the world around them. It  emphasizes the development of a positive self image and skills to deal with emotions and relationships. The program builds sound habits that support children lifelong. The program’s unique blended curriculum includes concepts, skills and behaviors that regular education does not touch upon. The aim of the program is to help youngsters evolve into better equipped, more empowered and happier individuals.

Kaleidoscope’s *unfold* and *expand* programs have generated very good results and have proved useful and interesting to participants and parents alike. We launched *expand* in 2008 and have run 8 batches so far. The programs is run only once in a year.

Program  goals

In this phase, youngsters:

  • Develop analytical and critical thinking skills; creativity and problem solving
  • Learn to communicate effectively; Present their ideas
  • Value perspectives, beliefs and practices different from their own
  • Develop etiquette in various contexts.
  • Develop a sense of community participation and citizenship
  • Understand how “school subjects” such as math, science and social studies find applications in daily life
  • Understand systems and organizations
  • Get an overview of professional possibilities
  • Practice study techniques, use research skills, organize information, and share knowledge
  • Recognize and assess media influence on daily life
  • Understand the ‘self’; deal with peer pressure
  • Adopt safe practices – at home, in public, with friends, on the Internet..
  • Respect their bodies irrespective of shape, color and other attributes;
  • Nurture themselves appropriately at a physical, mental and emotional level
  • Deal with feelings and emotions; develop an enhanced emotional quotient
  • Unlock the power of their minds.

To register,  call 040-32945665  or  email : [email protected]