Kaleidoscope's growth program for kids, tweens and teens

Kaleidoscope’s growth program for kids, tweens and teens

*EVOLVE* is Kaleidoscope’s three-phase learning program to support balanced, all-round growth of the individual.

Kaleidoscope’s *EVOLVE* program is based on our belief that growth cannot be pressure cooked. It can’t be hurried along to a tight schedule. And that it’s difficult to support evolution in an environment that values only short term results.

The program works in three phases, each aimed at a different age group.


What is the idea behind *EVOLVE*?

In all the years of Kaleidoscope’s work, we found repeated patterns of concerns, issues, questions and challenges in supporting children’s learning. Some of it could be traced to changing family structures, some to unimaginative educational practices and some to the increased complexity of the world today.

So we designed a program to address those issues and challenges. Our aim is to create individuals who are equipped with the knowledge, skills and beliefs required to deal with Life, to succeed in what they want to do, and to be happy.

The design of *EVOLVE* is based on our beliefs that

  • Change takes time and effort. A little everyday works better than a great deal in a compressed time frame. (After all, you can’t brush your teeth for one hour once a week and expect healthy teeth!)
  • Often there are no direct observable links between an intervention and a result. Rarely does A cause X, B cause Y and C cause Z. However (A+B+C) often result in (X+Y+Z)
  • An individual both changes and is changed by a group. Each group’s composition and the environment in which they operate, enhances the outcomes for all members of the group.

How does the program work?

EVOLVE* is constructed in three phases.

For children 5-10 years old

For children 11-14 years old

For youngsters 15-19 years old

Each is a six month program, but is structured differently to accommodate the varying needs of each age group. Continuous engagement with our learning resources, the group and the facilitators over six months, creates positive habits through practice. This results in improved skills and the development of supporting beliefs.

What’s in it for me / my child?

*EVOLVE* is a sound combination of activities and creative use of learning resources. You access a variety of resource persons from various domains and areas of expertise; a vast library of books, audio-video and computer based material; a range of diverse learning materials, including games, activities, toys and puzzles Plus, you benefit from Kaleidoscope’s unwavering commitment to a holistic view of learning.

In simple experiential terms, it means an environment that encourages individuals to choose to learn, rather than learning because they are forced to. This results in valuable learning, long lasting effects, and a lot of fun.  Specific outcomes could include improved confidence, ability to express oneself clearly, solve problems independently, and understand the world better, develop responsible behavior, among other things.

My child’s good! Does he / she need *EVOLVE*?

Evolution is a continuum. Not-so-good becomes good. Good becomes better. And better becomes even more better. However well developed a child, there are probably some dimensions with scope for growth. So, each child goes from whatever level he / she is at, to a higher plane.

What’s the methodology? How is it different from other “personality development” programs?

All three phases of the *EVOLVE* program are interactive, immersive and hands-on. The program includes regular exercises in listening and absorbing; thinking; expressing; observing, researching and recording; predicting consequences; generating ideas and solving problems; evaluating options using criteria; and planning, organizing and implementing identified solutions. The program is multi-dimensional and touches the intellect, the emotions, the body and the spirit in equal measure.

*EVOLVE*’s distinction is in its unique combination of resources and activities. It’s in the integrity of its intentions. It’s in the open, non-competitive, warm atmosphere of Kaleidoscope. It’s in the positive energy of its people. And it is in the experience you have.

Who conducts the programs?

Omana Hirantara and Manasvini are the core facilitators of the program. You can meet both of them at Kaleidoscope.

Omana has 18 years of work experience – 9 years in the training wing of NIIT and 9 with Kaleidoscope, dealing with children of all ages and developing learning resources.

Manasvini is a learning designer and communications specialist. She has worked for over 11 years designing and delivering learning programs for corporations, schools and NGOs.

Apart from the core facilitators, we dip into the expertise of our extended panel of resource persons from various domains. You can find a complete list on our website.

What should I expect in *unfold*?

*unfold* meets the needs of children as they begin to become independent. The aim of this phase is to develop the ability to function independently and confidently, both when alone and in groups. The aim is also to set the foundation for good habits in all areas. *unfold* also educates children on those aspects of community living that schools and families may miss out on. More on *unfold* >>

What should I expect in *e x p a n d*?

*e x p a n d* supports learning as children move towards their teen years. It builds on the foundations of *unfold*. The focus is on developing thinking and problem solving skills that are geared to the world around them. It also emphasizes the development of a positive self image and skills to deal with emotions and relationships. It also builds sound habits that support them lifelong. More on *e x p a n d* >>

Read about the valedictory session of the Oct 08 – March 09 batch of *e x p a n d*

What should I expect in *transFORM*?

*transFORM* supports youngsters as they get ready for adult life. The aim is to provide them with skills with which they can make informed decisions about higher education and work. It exposes them to different kinds of work and professions. It emphasizes reflection on the self, goals, desires, abilities and life purpose since development of the identity helps them deal with many pressures. More on *transFORM* >>

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