Getting your child to be friends with food

The second in the Positive Parenting Series happened today.
As with the last session, the talk was a good blend of child development, nutrition science and practical tips for today’s parents.

Key takeaways:

  • The reasons for eating related issues are different for children between 1-5 years and for those between 6-10years. This is because of the difference in growth rates as well as the influences on the child in those periods
  • At some ages, children will prefer day long snacking to having three meals. It’s ok , so long as some nutritional balance can be maintained.
  • All eating issues that can not be traced to genetical, emotional or specific health causes, are due to HABIT and attitude. Both can be influenced by parents over time. 


Here’re are slides Geeta used for the session. They don’t capture the richness of the discussions, examples and insights from the session… but you might like to see them nonetheless.

Next week:

Tantrum TroublesDeveloping desirable behavior in your child.

Saturday, Nov 22, 11 am to 1 pm.