Happy New Year! And a brand new program

We trust your year is already off to a great start. Kaleidoscope wishes you success in what you desire, much happiness, and peace in 2010 (and every year after that!!)

We’re off to doing what we do, in the new year with


Kaleidoscope introduces a unique graded reading program integrated with kinesthetic skills, for children in class 1 to 3.

This 12 week program aims to build reading skills in a graded systematic way, moving the child from the level he or she is currently comfortable at, to a higher degree of reading competence.

But here’s the twist. The reading exercises are interspersed with hands-on kinesthetic activities aimed to develop eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills. So your child enjoys the double benefit of reading and kinesthetic activities in the same program.

Kinesthetic activities involve the child’s hands and body and are helpful to build whole body balance, eye-hand coordination (such as cutting, catching, folding etc), and develop fine motor skills (such as working comfortably with very small objects for example) , apart from developing an overall sense of well being.


  • For children in classes 1 to 3
  • 12 weeks beginning Jan 7, 2010
  • Classes on Tue, Wed, Thu, 1.5 hours each day
  • Time slots: 4 to 5.30pm and 4.30 to 6 pm
  • Fee Rs. 3000

For more details, please contact 040-40180825 or 9849747170