Hours @ Kaleidoscope


During these holidays (or any time later, for that matter), you can use any of Kaleidoscope’s Learning Resources (books, games, puzzles, audio-video material, computer based material) by buying 20 hour blocks of Hours @ Kaleidoscope.

  • Hours @ Kaleidoscope allow you to make the best use of the learning resources, under supervision by the Kaleidoscope staff.
  • We’ve added over 10 new games, more than 80 new books, several AV resources and many new group activities over the last few weeks.
  • Come and try them. Gift yourself or a loved one Hours @ Kaleidoscope these holidays.
You can use Hours @ Kaleidoscope irrespective of your age 
(You’re never too old to play a game or read a book. And we have plenty of games for grown ups too!)
How it works:


  • Buy Hours @ Kaleidoscope Hours in blocks of 20 hours, for Rs 1000.
  • Each block is valid for one person for one one month.
  • If you complete your block before 30 days, top it up with additional hours.
  • Enjoy the full range of resources at your convenience! You can use the hours at your convenience on any day between 11 and and 8 pm, (except on days we are closed)