Interknit 2009

Interknit concluded last week. We had much fun and much learning. Participants and their parents were happy with what they did and saw – and we’d like to share it with you! 

What parents had to say:

“It was a very good experience… Even I have personally learnt a lot of things from this camp” – Ambika Burman

“Amazing, Superb! The whole idea was fun, seeing the little ones producing and then trading a good bargain was unbeleiveable” – Geeta and Gaurav Khurana

“Thank you for a wonderful program which helped my child with overall development of soft skills…” – Radhika Peri

“The program was very well structured. Interest level was high throughout the program” – Sudha Srinivas

What the participants had to say:

The main thing I liked… it’s not like a school, where we always need to be disciplined. This is the best summer camp I’ve attended ever” – Niharika Krishnan

“I got so many friends…it rocked” Ashley Preity

“I liked interknit because they had made a schedule for each day – what to do and how to do and made us play games and activities” – Krishna Modi

Interknit in pictures