Listen to the story “A King Cobra’s Summer” : Dec 17, 4.30pm

We invite you to a delightful storytelling session by Deepa Kiran ( She will also tell some stories from the life of Rajkumar Kanuri, a renowned Ophiologist (Snake expert) from Hyderabad.

Book : ‘A King Cobra’s Summer’ from Pratham Books
Author : Janaki Lenin
Illustartor : Maya Ramaswamy
Synopsis : “Set in the verdant Western Ghats, this story brings to life all the strange life forms that Kaala the king cobra comes across – the birds, the animals, the plants. How is he to find his way back to the areca nut plantation where he is the king? “

A book in every child’s hands. This is the mission of Pratham Books. For more information about their initiatives, do visit

Deepa Kiran is a storyteller by profession and passion! She finds stories magical, both listening and sharing, and always feels revitalized after a storytelling session. She has been involved in storytelling with schools, libraries, publishing houses, and the radio. Being a trained English language teacher she is also constantly aware of the educational benefits of storytelling. She brings the learning into the stories and post story activities. Deepa often weaves music and dance into her stories to liven them much more. She is particularly fond of folk tales especially from her country India. Deepa is a member of 2 International associations of professional storytellers.