Make the Cash Flow!


Are you overspending? Do you have an investment plan? How does your financial future look and feel?

Play the Cashflow 101 game to see the results of your financial mindset, and how it operates in the game of Cashflow. This game also teaches you financial literacy, investment basics, and the beginning of financial freedom. 

The game takes 2.5 hours (max 6 participants per game). The session includes an analysis of your financial mindset and the necessary changes needed in your mindset to meet your goals.  Read more about the benefits of playing this simulation.

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A review of the game:

I played. I thought. I learned. Personal reflections on plying Cash Flow.

Four of us played CashFlow 101 internally at Kaleidoscope last evening. I’m a bit jaded when it comes to e-versions of learning programs and suffer bouts of “been there, done that”. So, I turned up with few expectations and a dash of scepticism. 

I was happily surprised by the game.

  • The game / simulation is well designed. Even if you are not be a big fan of animated characters giving you financial gyaan, there’s still enough to learn.  Then, there are tons of decisions to make — and you experience the consequences of your decisions right there. That, trust me, really gets the point home.
  • Short, easy to understand videos (of Robert Kiyosaki with flip charts!) give you concepts and information – just before you need to make your decisions in the game. Again, very helpful for learning.
  • Each turn gives you an opportunity to practice a skill (such as investing, buying, making a financial transaction, balancing your assets and liabilities…). And it gives youemotional twists (such as getting fired, having babies or getting your car in an accident). In combination, the information, skills and emotions make it a nice rounded experience
  • And this was the big one… As I worked through the game, I began to see patterns in my thinking and belief systems about money. And it kept me thinking for several hours after the game. Now, if I were to act on those patterns in real life….
  • There’s also a professional observer and coach to help you identify the patterns, if you don’t recognize them on your own.

Five stars to the learning experience. Play it – it’s worth your time. You could always consider buying the game for about $ 200, but I think its more practical and fun to just turn up at Kaleidoscope, spend three hours and 500 rupees, have fun and go home with things to think about.