Mind and body, heart and soul – it’s great when they work together!

NLP-K is a powerful technique to work with your mind, body and emotions to achieve any goals you might have. 

Kaleidoscope is an authorized NLP-K center – which means you can not only learn the techniques, but also receive support in practicing it, or applying it in your life in the long run.

The program has created 45 NLP-K practitioners this year in Hyderabad, many of whom swear by the impact it’s made on thier lives. The Kaleidoscope team itself uses the techniques regularly. Using NLP-K we have been able to

  • Correctly identify the root causes of complicated and interrelated problems;
  • Generate solutions to professional and personal issues using a process approach (rather than the content based / “analysis of past” approaches of psychotherapy and some spiritual practices)
  • Create practical and holistic implementation plans for solutions we generated; achieve desired results quickly.

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What some of our other practitioners are saying:

“I find it a good and effective tool to solve any problem I have. …I now have the power to create what I want.”  Suparna Kapoor
“NLP-K tools are very very helpful. They have made me much more positive and made me beleive in myself … I am much stronger and self assured” Sharvari Dhobale
Experience new results when your conscious and unconscious mind, emotions and body are in alignment with each other! The next NLP-K workshop is on Nov 1 and 2, 2008.