Muscle Testing Workshop

You unconscious mind is tremendously bigger and more capable than your conscious mind. It has records of every moment of your life, your every motivation and your every action.
How would it be if you could google your unconscious mind?!
Imagine, if you could ask your unconscious mind a question, any question, about yourself and you could get a simple, direct answer in a yes or no. For example:
  • Does my body still have traces of last year’s respiratory infection? Yes? No?
  • I think I’ve forgiven my sister for the nasty remarks she made when I was 13. Has my system really forgiven her?
  • My career is going nowehere in spite of my best efforts. Am I sabotaging myself in some way?
  • I always end with people taking advantage of my good nature. Is it that I am just too gullible?
  • I think I’m a strong independent type. Is it true?

Muscle testing is a simple mechanism to connect with your unconscious mind and communicate with binary responses.

Learn muscle testing and its many applications in this short weekend workshop. An outline of what you will learn:

Basic Muscle Testing Course Contents

1.Establishing the involuntary response

2.Muscle Testing

a. Emotional events

b. True & False statments

3.Muscle Testing as a way to communicate with the subconscious mind

4.Different positions of double testing

5.Clearing oneself to get accurate results

6.Addressing Positionalites

7.Self testing

a. Pendulum

b. O ring

c. Perlandra

d. Finger

i. Two hands

ii. Single hand

e. Throat

f. Pupillary contraction

g. Body balance


8.Muscle Testing substances

9.Muscle Testing using the Levels of Consciousness

a.Conditions for Consciousness Calibration

b.Muscle Testing Choices

c.Muscle Testing books, people, instituitions, objects, teachers

10.Increasing Accuracy in Muscle Testing results