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Children of Heaven 

Iranian movie, English Subtitles, 98 minutes


Editorial review from Amazon.com

Majid Majidi celebrates the immediacy and essence of childhood in this delightful tale of a brother and sister who share a pair of shoes when the boy (though no fault of his own) loses his sister’s only pair. Since their parents are too poor to afford a new pair, they keep it a secret, trading them off every day in a mad rush, jumping gutters and navigating the twisting lanes to their schools and back. Then the boy hatches a plan: the third-place prize in a student footrace is a new pair of shoes, and he’s determined to take it. The plot may smack of a Disney film, but the direction couldn’t be more different. The family scenes are delicately observed, and Majidi captures the spirit of the children perfectly: proud, emotional, petulant, sweet, and disarmingly sincere.

Majidi’s efforts earned the film the honor of becoming the first Iranian feature to earn an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Film.

Sean Axmaker.

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