Kaleidoscope Film Circle Screening

Singin’ in the Rain

English, 103 minutes.

Wednesday May 13, 2009; 3 pm – 5 pm

There is no fee. Please let us know in advance if you are attending.

Special invitation to those who have completed the Power of Voice course!

“Decades before the Hollywood film industry became famous for megabudget disaster and science fiction spectaculars, the studios of Southern California (and particularly Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) were renowned for a uniquely American (and nearly extinct) kind of picture known as The Musical. This 1952 MGM picture is the American musical that consistently ranks among the 10 best movies ever made. It’s not only a great song-and-dance piece starring Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor, and a sprightly Debbie Reynolds; it’s also an affectionately funny insider spoof about the film industry’s uneasy transition from silent pictures to “talkies.” Kelly plays debonair star Don Lockwood, whose leading lady Lina Lamont (Jean Hagen) has a screechy voice hilariously ill-suited to the new technology (and her glamorous screen image). Among the musical highlights: O’Connor’s knockout “Make ‘Em Laugh”; the big “Broadway Melody” production number; and, best of all, that charming little title ditty in which Kelly makes movie magic on a drenched set with nothing but a few puddles, a lamppost, and an umbrella.”

Jim Emerson on Amazon.com

Want some trailers? Some of the songs on YouTube:  Singing in the rain ; Good morning ; Make ’em laugh ; Moses supposes

Kaleidsocope Film Circle: An Inconvenient Truth

How much of the global warming disucssion is fact and how much is hype? Should we really be worried? Watch this documentary, think, and make up your own mind.

An Inconvenient Truth (English, 100 mins, Director: Davis Guggenheim, featuring Al Gore)

 The movie website ; Reviews ; Trailer ;  Other details about the movie

 When: Saturday Nov 29, 4.30 pm.

Fee: Rs 50 per person

 Children under 10 may not enjoy this movie.

Kaleidoscope Film Circle Screening

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Children of Heaven 

Iranian movie, English Subtitles, 98 minutes


Editorial review from Amazon.com

Majid Majidi celebrates the immediacy and essence of childhood in this delightful tale of a brother and sister who share a pair of shoes when the boy (though no fault of his own) loses his sister’s only pair. Since their parents are too poor to afford a new pair, they keep it a secret, trading them off every day in a mad rush, jumping gutters and navigating the twisting lanes to their schools and back. Then the boy hatches a plan: the third-place prize in a student footrace is a new pair of shoes, and he’s determined to take it. The plot may smack of a Disney film, but the direction couldn’t be more different. The family scenes are delicately observed, and Majidi captures the spirit of the children perfectly: proud, emotional, petulant, sweet, and disarmingly sincere.

Majidi’s efforts earned the film the honor of becoming the first Iranian feature to earn an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Film.

Sean Axmaker.

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