Snip! Stick! Super!

Announcing an afternoon of paper, glue and craft activities. Our instructor supports you as you discover simple ways to make a variety of items such as pen holders, photo frames, paper bags, boxes, dolls house furniture… 

In the craft session you will 

  • Learn to identify opportunities to craft things from everyday objects.
  • Make useful and just-for-fun craft items out of re-cycleable material

If you’d rather do something else when your child is enjoying craft, you could watch the movie being screened at the Kaleidoscope Film Circle.

When: Sat Nov 29, 4 pm – 6 pm

For: Any one over 5 years

Fee: Rs 200 per person (includes materials)

Kaleidsocope Film Circle: An Inconvenient Truth

How much of the global warming disucssion is fact and how much is hype? Should we really be worried? Watch this documentary, think, and make up your own mind.

An Inconvenient Truth (English, 100 mins, Director: Davis Guggenheim, featuring Al Gore)

 The movie website ; Reviews ; Trailer ;  Other details about the movie

 When: Saturday Nov 29, 4.30 pm.

Fee: Rs 50 per person

 Children under 10 may not enjoy this movie.

Get your hands dirty in this neat workshop!

Have fun playing with clay in our next Sunday workshop. While the workshop is aimed primarily at children, there’s nothing to stop the grown ups from pampering the inner child!

What to expect:

  • Mix, mould and shape clay. Make concrete or abstract forms (Specially  beneficial in developing spatial skills – not to mention nimble fingers).
  • Get tips from our instructor in making geometrical and non geometrical shapes
  • Invent your own shapes and textures; have fun!
  • Take home what you make.

We’ll give you the materials. Just bring yourself (and your child, a friend, a parent or anyone else!), and your sense of fun!

When: Sunday Oct 19, 3 pm to 6 pm

Fee: Rs 200