Aligning the body, breath and the mind through Yoga

Yoga is a vast collection of techniques and practices aimed at integrating mind, body and spirit to achieve a state of well being. One of Yoga’s forms is in the practice of physical postures and breath related exercises for specific benefits.

Kaleidoscope announces Yoga classes from October. The classes are conducted by Suresh Kandukuri, a yoga trainer with many years of experience in India and abroad.

Hatha Yoga for general wellness and body toning.

  • Monday to Friday: 10 am to 11 am
  • Fee: Rs 1800 per month

Power Yoga for weight management

  • Monday to Friday: 11 am to 12 noon
  • Fee Rs 2500 per month

Special workshop to build immunity and resistance. This focuses specifically on lungs and immune system to prevent SWINE FLU infection.

  • Monday to Friday: 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm
  • Fee: Rs 2000

1-1 consultations and coaching is also available. Please call 98491 88020 for appointments.

Nutritionist Advice. The Yoga sessions are supported by a nutritionist’s consultation.

  • The nutritionist’s services are also available independent of the Yoga sessions.
  • Please call 98491 88020 for appointments.

Suresh Kandukuri also offers classes in pranayama, meditation, or interventions for specific kinds of issues such as gynecological disorders, stress, back pain, diabetes, thyroid problems, cervical spondylitis, arthritis, migraine, sinusitis.

If you are interested in other programs or time slots please contact him on 98491 88020 or [email protected]

Write Right

Normal everyday writing at school – whether it is an essay, a “long answer”, a book review or a project report – can turn out to be a chore without the right tools. And very stressful.
Basic everyday writing, requires among other things, strong foundations in grammar, voabulary, sentence construction and precis writing. With these tools, children are equipped to begin writing independently, correctly, quickly and effectively. This in turn makes them more confident in dealing with their school work.
Kaleidoscope launches a 12-week Foundation Program in Writing and Grammar for children in classes 4 and 5. This is not a creative writing class – it focuses on the foundations of good writing required for general school work.

Program dates: June 16 – Sep 30.

Tuesdays and Tursdays 4.30 to 5.30 pm

Programs for June 2009

The summer programs are done and we’ve had great fun over the last few months, learning and enabling others to learn! We look forward to another great year with more programs, and more fun. 

Get ready for the new academic year – new schedules, new friends, new books, new teachers and new challenges!

Highlights for June:


  • New batches of *unfold*  and *e x p a n d* and Enterprise! 
  • Phonics and stories
  • Graded reading programs
  • English Grammar and writing
  • Dance
  • Chess
  • Art (drawing and painting)
  • Hindi Stories
  • Creative Writing
  • Research skills


 Get details of all the programs for June 2009!

Interknit 2009

Interknit concluded last week. We had much fun and much learning. Participants and their parents were happy with what they did and saw – and we’d like to share it with you! 

What parents had to say:

“It was a very good experience… Even I have personally learnt a lot of things from this camp” – Ambika Burman

“Amazing, Superb! The whole idea was fun, seeing the little ones producing and then trading a good bargain was unbeleiveable” – Geeta and Gaurav Khurana

“Thank you for a wonderful program which helped my child with overall development of soft skills…” – Radhika Peri

“The program was very well structured. Interest level was high throughout the program” – Sudha Srinivas

What the participants had to say:

The main thing I liked… it’s not like a school, where we always need to be disciplined. This is the best summer camp I’ve attended ever” – Niharika Krishnan

“I got so many friends…it rocked” Ashley Preity

“I liked interknit because they had made a schedule for each day – what to do and how to do and made us play games and activities” – Krishna Modi

Interknit in pictures

What happened at the Puppetry workshop!

The summer puppetry workshop is over. It was amazing to watch the youngsters not only make fairly complex puppets, but also manipulate them and tell stories with sound effects, music and near-professional comic timing!

Some pictures:


A note from Ratnamala Nori, the well-known puppet maker, artist and facilitator of this course:

” Puppet have been used from time immemorialas tools to educate, entertain and inform. They fascinate and involve children in a way that few other art forms can… A great deal can be accomplished through puppets. They lead to creative thinking and imagination. The main reason puppets work well with children is because they are so multi sensory. It doesnt matter if the child is very small or very tall, you can reach them with puppets!…”

Ratnamala Nori can be contacted to conduct performances or workshops. Email. Website.

Make the Cash Flow!


Are you overspending? Do you have an investment plan? How does your financial future look and feel?

Play the Cashflow 101 game to see the results of your financial mindset, and how it operates in the game of Cashflow. This game also teaches you financial literacy, investment basics, and the beginning of financial freedom. 

The game takes 2.5 hours (max 6 participants per game). The session includes an analysis of your financial mindset and the necessary changes needed in your mindset to meet your goals.  Read more about the benefits of playing this simulation.

Call us for registrations.

A review of the game:

I played. I thought. I learned. Personal reflections on plying Cash Flow.

Four of us played CashFlow 101 internally at Kaleidoscope last evening. I’m a bit jaded when it comes to e-versions of learning programs and suffer bouts of “been there, done that”. So, I turned up with few expectations and a dash of scepticism. 

I was happily surprised by the game.

  • The game / simulation is well designed. Even if you are not be a big fan of animated characters giving you financial gyaan, there’s still enough to learn.  Then, there are tons of decisions to make — and you experience the consequences of your decisions right there. That, trust me, really gets the point home.
  • Short, easy to understand videos (of Robert Kiyosaki with flip charts!) give you concepts and information – just before you need to make your decisions in the game. Again, very helpful for learning.
  • Each turn gives you an opportunity to practice a skill (such as investing, buying, making a financial transaction, balancing your assets and liabilities…). And it gives youemotional twists (such as getting fired, having babies or getting your car in an accident). In combination, the information, skills and emotions make it a nice rounded experience
  • And this was the big one… As I worked through the game, I began to see patterns in my thinking and belief systems about money. And it kept me thinking for several hours after the game. Now, if I were to act on those patterns in real life….
  • There’s also a professional observer and coach to help you identify the patterns, if you don’t recognize them on your own.

Five stars to the learning experience. Play it – it’s worth your time. You could always consider buying the game for about $ 200, but I think its more practical and fun to just turn up at Kaleidoscope, spend three hours and 500 rupees, have fun and go home with things to think about.


Program on EFT


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): is a healing & self improvement modality which is also called the needleless  version of acupuncture based on the connection between the body’s subtle energies, emotions, and health. Read more. Kaleidoscope offers a complete basic course based on the EFT manual as provided by the founder Gary Craig.

Feb 17, 2009. 9.30 am to 12.30 pm

Fee: Rs 1500

Call us for registrations.

Mind your own business!

We had a great * e x p a n d * class last week. It was the “big project” where three teams had to set up three different “companies” and take the company through one entrepreneurial cycle. It was a full fledged realistic game played with real products and real customers (Only the money — BizBucks —  was notional and printed on the back old cardboard )

In “playing” the whole cycle, some of the things the 10-14 year olds did:

  • Formed and named their company. Decided what business they wanted to be in. It turned out two companies wanted to make key chains and the third made greeting cards. Deciding the business seemed to be a fun thing – it was not until much later that the concept and impact of “market competition” really hit them.
  • Wrote resumes and convinced each other why each was the best for a particular job. And there were six important jobs in each team – President, and the VPs of Finance, Marketing and Sales, Design and Manufacturing / operations.
  • Raising money for their business venture. Smart pitches were made to VCs (the facilitators) who invested BizBucks (BB) in the companies based on the quality of the presentations they made.
  • Designed and prototyped their products. Estimated which designs were feasible, how much materials they would need and what effort it would require.
  • Raised additional BB by taking loans (at a 10% interest) or approaching the VCs again.
  • Creating marketing mateials, setting up a stall and getting ready a sales pitch.
  • Selling their goods to real customers armed with BB (parents and other well wishers who had been coopted into the game!)
  • And then balancing out the accounts. This was an on-going process, though. The VPs of finance had never been this involved with simple addition and subtraction!
  •  And finally, the companies were valued based on their profits and cash on hand.

To say the experience was a tremendous learning would be an understatement. It was monumental both for the students and the facilitators.

In fact, we are now so convinced about the design of this program (which we prototyped for the first time in *e x p a n d *) that we plan to offer it as a standalone 15 hour workshop during the summer. Watch this space for more information and pictures!

Next NLP-K workshop


Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anybody can start today and make a new ending.

And NLP-K helps you do that. 


If you’d like to watch an introductory video to help you assess if the program is for you, please contact us. Or you can download the brochure and get more details.


The next NLP-K workshop is on Dec 20 and 21 (Saturday and Sunday).

Register on or before December 8 to get an early registration advantage on the program fee.

Snip! Stick! Super!

Announcing an afternoon of paper, glue and craft activities. Our instructor supports you as you discover simple ways to make a variety of items such as pen holders, photo frames, paper bags, boxes, dolls house furniture… 

In the craft session you will 

  • Learn to identify opportunities to craft things from everyday objects.
  • Make useful and just-for-fun craft items out of re-cycleable material

If you’d rather do something else when your child is enjoying craft, you could watch the movie being screened at the Kaleidoscope Film Circle.

When: Sat Nov 29, 4 pm – 6 pm

For: Any one over 5 years

Fee: Rs 200 per person (includes materials)