New Program! Phonics @ kaleidoscope

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Our popular fun and phonics class is being re-launched on popular demand! The Phonics program is only for 5 and 6 year olds (UKG / PP2)

What is Phonics? Phonemic awareness is the understanding of, and the ability to manipulate, the smallest units of sound that make up spoken words. While phonemic awareness is not necessary for understanding and speaking the language, research has shown that it is critical to reading success. It has been shown to be an important factor that distinguishes successful from disabled readers. 

About the program: The basic purpose of building a good foundation in phonics is to help the children hear and understand the sounds from which words are made. This understanding of sound / symbol correspondence and knowledge of sound relationships that make up the spoken language lays the foundation for the transition to written language. Once the children have learned to think about words in terms of their component sounds, reading and spelling become easier.

Methodology: The Phonics @ Kaleidoscope program consists of quick game like activities and provides the children with easy practice in discriminating the sound that make up words. The major categories of activities are Symbol and Sound association, Sight word recognition, oral blending reading exercises and story based activities.

Duration and schedule: This is a 7-week program from Nov 4th to Dec 18th. The classes will be on Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 4.30 pm and 5.30 pm.

Fee: Rs 1800