Gift a bit of Kaleidoscope this Diwali!

Time for Diwali gifts. What’s the hot idea?

The 43rd box of sweets? The 77th knick knack and bauble? the 15th nice-to-have gadget? Gift vouchers for more clothes, toys, food and entertainment?

Or ….

Gift your loved ones a Library membership at Kaleidoscope!

For just Rs 1500, you would be gifting

  • A whole year’s worth of reading from our 10,000 and more books of all genres
  • A range of 3500+ books for children
  • A single membership for the whole family to use

Not a book person? Gift 20 hours of Time @ Kaleidoscope.

For Rs 1000, your loved one could spend 20 hours of time at Kaleidoscope – using the books, games, and other learning resources at a time that’s convenient to them!

Too tied up to visit Kaleidoscope?
You could buy the gift voucher
without actually dropping in to Kaleidoscope…

Buy right away…