What happened at the Puppetry workshop!

The summer puppetry workshop is over. It was amazing to watch the youngsters not only make fairly complex puppets, but also manipulate them and tell stories with sound effects, music and near-professional comic timing!

Some pictures:


A note from Ratnamala Nori, the well-known puppet maker, artist and facilitator of this course:

” Puppet have been used from time immemorialas tools to educate, entertain and inform. They fascinate and involve children in a way that few other art forms can… A great deal can be accomplished through puppets. They lead to creative thinking and imagination. The main reason puppets work well with children is because they are so multi sensory. It doesnt matter if the child is very small or very tall, you can reach them with puppets!…”

Ratnamala Nori can be contacted to conduct performances or workshops. Email. Website.