What’s your little drop of water?

Little drops of water. Little grains of sand. Make the mighty ocean. And the beauteous land…

Can you

  • Turn off some lights and reduce global warming?
  • Use your tiny vote to make a difference to the election?
  • Find 10 minutes for yourself every day and feel any different?

Maybe you can. Maybe you can’t. You could only give it a shot.

If things change, you can’t ever ”prove” it was because of your actions. If things don’t change, you could always say “How could that little thing have made a difference any way?!”

Take your pick.

Sometimes, change comes with much drama and fanfare. More likely, we’ve observed, that it creeps up quietly at the tail end of a bunch of small, seemingly unconnected events and actions.

Many small actions work together to create large impacts. Especially when the actions are

  • Done consistently for a period of time
  • Applied in everyday tasks
  • Thought about often (But not judged and evaluated every minute)

This belief underlies pretty much all our programs. We’re convinced it works.

Pick a small action. Apply it for 8 weeks everyday. Enjoy your discoveries. Share them with us.